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Managing Shopify can be difficult. There are many different moving parts to keep track of, from your inventory, to payroll, to sales. Many times, Shopify store owners are trying to do this by hand, which can result in cash flow trouble, backordered sales, and other issues. Trying to juggle all these different tasks and run a successful business isn’t easy—so why not make your life easier by working with an accountant? At Heritage Business Strategies, we specialize solely in Shopify stores, which means we know the struggles the store owners face. Our College Station, TX-based firm goes above and beyond other companies, offering one-on-one support, fair pricing, and extensive services. We know first hand the problems that arise and are the experts in solving the issue. When you work with our Shopify experts, you can be confident that your unique needs will be met.

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What we offer:

QuickBooks Online and Inventory Analysis

Every business is unique. Addressing these needs will require careful analysis and an examination of your current workflow and software. To best address your unique needs, our experts will carefully analyze your accounting software, inventory management system, and other aspects of your business to detect potential red flags. We’ll compile our findings into a comprehensive report, which we’ll go over with you in a personal consultation. With our help, you can successfully address any issue and make sure your Shopify store is running efficiently.

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Get Help with Inventory, Sales Tax, and Much More

We can assist with the following:

  • Inventory Management: We know firsthand that Shopify inventory just isn’t very robust for your growing store. You need a dedicated software that will automate your inventory stock, remind you of fulfillment time from your supplier, and even predict your upcoming sales forecasts.
  • Sales Tax: What is the economic threshold in each state, and do you need to register there? How do you automate the process so you can stay compliant? Our Shopify experts will help guide you through the process so we can make sure your business doesn’t end up paying fees and penalties for complicated sales tax.
  • Accounting: Our experts specifically work with QuickBooks Online to provide you with quality accounting. This fundamental process ensures that you have accurate numbers to make important business decisions that are crucial for the future.
  • Advisory: Let’s take your business to the next level with our advisory services. We can provide you with cash flow statements, key KPI metrics (including product profitability, Return on Ad Spend, inventory evaluations and much more), and financial reporting. Our advisors will meet with you on a monthly basis to ensure you receive the one-on-one support your business needs to grow.

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At Heritage Business Strategies, we’re committed to providing you with outstanding service. We take the time to speak with each business owner personally and develop relationships with our clients. We’ll tailor our services to your unique situation to help you successfully manage your business. When you work with us, you receive personable service, knowledgeable advice, and quality accounting solutions.


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